I’m a security specialist and an entrepreneur. I make things with passion & madness.

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Manfred Touron is a security specialist and an entrepreneur striving to make the world a better place by means of technology. He spent half of his life building software, and for more than a decade, codes nearly every day of the year. Contributed to over 400 open-source projects, some of which are used by thousands of people. A graduate and later a teacher in tech schools Epitech and 42. He is one of the managers of the Paris chapter of the while42 worldwide community. Manfred audits startups for VCs and gives strategic advices to startups.

In an intrapreneurship in the Iliad group, he created Scaleway, the first bare-metal cloud computing solution in the world, and made a number of significant contributions to the project.

With a small team, Manfred created Wulo, a non-profit Uber alternative in France, that operated for a few months on a country-wide scale before being closed. Currently, he is building another non-profit, advanced cryptography project on a subject he loves – privacy, liberty, free speech.

Visit him online at manfredtouron.com.

Manfred’s own words:

I’m driven by the spirit of innovation. I question and challenge the limits, both those set by external authority and the internal ones. Can this be done better? Can this process be made more effective? Will the potential success be greater than the penalty for trying? – I think to myself and take action.

I also like studying complex things, creating music and art, hacking, automating, and having fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Born: Jan 25, 1988, Rouen, France

Education: Epitech Paris, 42 Paris

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